Sunday, February 1, 2009

A wonderful walk in the afternoon

Its really difficult to walk outside for a long time while the temperature is below -5 degree Celsius. This afternoon the temperature was -4 and it was bright as well. So we decided to go for a walk. We went to the nearest lake here. Today I saw a frozen lake for the first time. Whole upper surface of the water turned into ice; I guess at least 6 inch thick. There was snow all over that icy surface.

We crossed the lake diagonally on foot. Crossing a big lake by walk - interesting right? I forgot to take my camera with me. Well, Its difficult to carry a big size camera in this cold weather. I took some pictures in my mobile cam but cant share those now as I need to download those to my laptop first. I need bluetooth for that. Unfortunately my laptop didn't come with bluetooth. So I might share the pictures some other time. We walked for almost an hour. I was a bit excited while walking on the frozen lake. At every moment I was thinking if it breaks now :P

Well finally, after 3 days, I managed to get the pictures I took on that afternoon. Here are few of them.

The lake from one side... Fully frozen.

My companions on that day... Shaikat vi and Taslim vi.

My footprint. I removed the snow to see the transparent ice underneath.

Here I am. I don't know why I opened my mouth right at that moment :D

Taking Ur own picture is not so easy :P

Another one. Shaikat vi and Taslim vi are way ahead of me.

While coming back we saw some people playing ice hockey in a field.

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Razib said...

I agree with Rain.. We are expecting the photos. We are demanding photos. You can't escape from this.

Jonas said...

Nice that you finally see what a real winter has to offer.
But a little warning, crossing a lake like that can be really dangerous and you should bring a pair of ice claws as well as your camera ;-)

Razib said...

Why the pictures are blueish? Darkness?

Thanks for the pic.

eamon said...

Yea... may be its because of darkness.

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