Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Stressed out

I had an exam yesterday. The course was Digital Linear Filtering. I could not attend the lectures since the time conflicted with another course's lecture. Well, to tell you the truth, I attended few lectures but I was unable to grab the complex calculations of sinusoidal wave and other filter-related stuffs. I didn't have any basics of signal processing. As a result, I was not well prepared for this exam.

I only had the weekend to prepare and the syllabus was enormous. From Friday evening I started reviewing. Thanks to Morshed vi, he helped me a lot to know what are the topics I needed to cover. He also made some of the topics clear to us. When I started reviewing it was really difficult. As time passed by it became a bit understandable. I was in my room for last 3 days except for going to Rajit vi's room twice for 10 minutes each. Finally I was so stressed out and was waiting for the exam to be over. Good that the exams here are not that stressful since they don't make lengthy questions. The exam time is 3 hours. I wanted to leave the exam hall early. So I wrote so quickly, finished the exam in 1 hour and 10 mins and left the exam hall with a bad headache. Still I was feeling good as its over and alhamdulillah, my exam was good as well.

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Razib said...

Take a break for a day. From everything.

Rafi said...

Good to hear that the exam went well.

As you said, the relief after exam is exhilarating!

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