Saturday, June 6, 2009

First week of my work

Its been a week that I joined my work. I wrote about the first day before. After that my room is changed. They allocated me a new room. Another person was already in that room. So I have to share the room with him but he didn't show up yet. Since this is the beginning I am gathering idea about my work and do necessary document review. I will try to give update from time to time. Let's have a look in my room.

This is my desk

Me, reviewing some documents.

Programming solution


Razib said...

What are you doing with with two monitor? :P

eamon said...

I am using the extra monitor as an extended one. When you code its always better to have extended monitor. One for coding window and the other one is for document and browsing :)

Maroof said...

shala, pcr mouse khuila laptop e use koros?

eamon said...

Maroof, mouse is more convenient than touch pad :D

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