Monday, June 1, 2009

First day in my job

Today I joined my job in the university. In the morning I attended the weekly meeting. To my amazement everybody talks in Finnish language in this meeting. I was just sitting in one corner and having coffee. after half an hour the secretary who was sitting beside me told me to introduce myself. I greet everybody in Finnish laguage(Huomenta - goodmorning), told my name, country, my program, my project etc. The meeting was short. At the end, one of the teachers came with his new born baby and a big cake. Everybody was seeing the baby in the perambulator and then had the cake.

After the meeting, the secretary showed me my room. The laptop is not yet ready and my professor was extremely busy with a training program. So I had nothing to do and I decided to come back home. At 12 afternoon I came back. I had a scheduled meeting with my professor and other team members at 5 pm. So I went to the university again before 5. In the meeting, my professor explained the main goal of the project and his plan about it. I was hearing carefully but it sounded so difficult for me and I am kinda afraid if I will be able to help the team as they expect me to do.

The first day was nothing special. I even didn't enter into my room. Hopefully tomorrow I will get my laptop and I can spend some time in my room.

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