Saturday, July 25, 2009

Trip to strawberry garden

Today we, 19 people, including kids, went to strawberry garden. There were 3 cars. We started around 1 pm. It took almost an hour to reach the garden. After entering into the garden we started to take out the strawberries. There were different kinds of strawberries. The rule of the garden is you can eat as many strawberries as you want but you have to buy the amount you want to bring home. Just beside the strawberry garden there was green pea garden as well. We ate lots of strawberries and green peas. I did not buy any, I just ate to the fullest of my tummy :D

We were there until 4 pm. It became very gloomy at the end. We had coffee, cake and coke. Then we got into the cars and it started raining. I never saw this heavy rain in Finland. It was somewhat like the rain of our country, Bangladesh.

Here are two of my pictures.

With strawberry

Just before coming back. Suddenly it became very gloomy.

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Gagan said...

Arey.. last pic is seriously cool :D

eamon said...

Yea, the pic looks like painted :)

aR said...

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বাগানের ছবি দু'একটা দেয়া যেতো না কি?

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