Sunday, August 23, 2009

Second Ramadan in Finland

This is the second Ramadan I am passing in Finland. It started yesterday. This year it is longer than the previous year, more than 18 hours fasting. Good that you do not perspire here so you wont feel thirsty.

The first Ramadan was nice. We, the Bangladeshi community here, had the iftar together. Every family came with a dish and finally there were lots of items. The iftar ended with a full tummy dinner.

Here are some pictures of the first iftar of this year.

The plates are being arranged

The fruit salad

Everything is ready

Programming solution

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tasnim said...

hi eamon,
kamon acho?
eibar er roja besh kosto hoye gase.
sondh hoe 7.30 pm e. din onek boro.
valo theko.
allah hafez.

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