Sunday, August 16, 2009

1 year since I left my home

Today is 16 August, 2009. Exactly the same day I left my home in Dhaka. On 16 August, 2008 very early in the morning I started my journey. I have passed a whole year being apart from my family. Time passes so quickly. It seems that I came here only few months back but actually its a a long time.

In this one year so many things happened. I have completed most of my masters courses, I did very difficult outdoor job for 6 months, I have learned to live alone, I got job in the university, I met my very special one and so on but what I cannot do yet is fixing a date to go to my home :( It is still uncertain. I don't know when I will be able to manage everything and tell my mom over the phone that I am coming home in few weeks. So many things need to be fixed. I wish it wont take long time to visit my home :)

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Razib said...

Few weeks???? which month you are thinking about?

eamon said...

I wish I can say that but the truth is I still can't think of any month :(

Shahan said...

hmm ... really, time passes so quickly :(

tasnim said...

i hope that your desired day will come soon.

Anonymous said...

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