Saturday, November 7, 2009

Early winter this year

Winter came early this year. Since the last week of September it is cold and it started snowing in the last week of October whereas last year it was 16 November when I saw first snowfall in my life. Its only the first week of November and all the streets of Tampere are covered with white thick snow.

For last two days it has been snowing. The whole day today it was snowing. So there are thick snow in the streets. My shoes were drown in the snow while I was coming home from university this evening. Its nice to see white all around you.

I hope the temperature will not rise to positive so that the snow will remain. Its really disgusting when the temperature is +1 or +2 and snow is melting. Consequently you will experience dirty and wet street which is not so pleasant. But the fact is this snow will melt and the streets will get dirty. Moreover, dark December is ahead of me. I wish I could make a hyper jump to February.

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eamon said...

The shortest day of the year for Northern hemisphere is 21 December. So December is the month when you will get least daylight. Moreover, from December I will be jobless again, so isn't it a real dark December for me?

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