Sunday, December 6, 2009

Independence day of Finland

Today is independence day of Finland. It is a public holiday here. Unfortunately it is weekend, so people did not get any extra day off for this day this year. It was 1919 when Finland celebrated their first independence day. Since it is the 90th anniversary of their independence day they celebrated it nicely this year.

We went to downtown around 05:40 pm. We were 6 persons together. Lots of people were going to the city center. The buses were full even though they arranged many extra buses today. Around 6 pm the city mayor gave his speech from the balcony of his office. Thousands of people were gathered in front of his office. After his speech a group of teenagers sang three songs. The songs were nice with bugle tune. The last song was the national anthem of Finland. After the national anthem fireworks started. It was an awesome fireworks, and it lasted for more than ten minutes.

After the fireworks we started walking for the bus but it was difficult because of so many people. Kamal vi offered us pizza and we did not deny :D For us, the celebration ended with a nice fireworks followed by nice pizza :)

Gang of 5 :D

Gang of 4 :D

Now some pictures of the fireworks

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