Monday, November 30, 2009

Last day at work

Six months back I started to work in the university as a research assistant. My contract was for six months and today is the last day of that contract. It's like I am writing a paragraph on "Last day at school" in an English exam during my secondary school life :)

Like everyday, today I came to office as usual. I didn't do any work the whole day. I had meeting and then I was busy in arranging my folders and documents. If I had to return the laptop today then I need to transfer all my personal stuffs from here. Since 2 pm I have been looking for my supervisor and for the secretary but they were not available. Finally I got my supervisor in his room around 5 pm and I went to tell him that it's my last day at work. He thanked me to work with him and mentioned that he will let me know if he has some other work for me. He also said that I can keep the laptop until I finish my thesis. So I need not to return the laptop today :D

Right now I am preparing to leave the office. Since I could not meet the secretary today I have to return the key tomorrow. Before that I need to take all my personal stuffs from this room. Time just flies. Six months just passed so quickly.

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tasnim said...

how time flies. eamon just tell me over phone that day about the RA .

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