Sunday, February 20, 2011

Events from home: part 1

This is going to be the post for the events during my stay in Dhaka for 4 weeks. I don't know if there will be a part 2 but let's see. On 14 January we went to Baliati Jomidar Bari at Manikganj. The trip was sponsored by Razib as a celebration of his cheque from Google Adsense. We were 12 in number. It was a nice trip. I want to share few pictures here. Let's have a look at the pictures :)

Inside the car, the journey started :)

Sitting in the front row, me and Shishire

Nice highway

The Sponsor and his girl friend. Well that hat is mine :P

I short break on the way and having tea from road side shop

Baliati Jomidar Bari, from outside

Another shot from outside

Yet another shot :)

In front of the main building

The main building

Another shot of the buildings

Yet another shot

A small pond in the middle

3 IUTians, Me, Shishire and Tasnim. why do I look so sad? :-S

Ora 10 jon :)

Now, ora 11 jon :)

Couple-1, Tunnu & Munni

Couple-2, Rana & Shumi

Tuuki :P

3 IUTians again

Looks like hallway

3 Statues :)

We are together

Another one

Fun :)

I don't remember what exactly happened at that time. But look at the grins in everybody's face :D

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Razib said...

It was a great day. May be one day we can all go to a place which will take 1 day to go and 1 day to come back and we all will stay there for 2 days.... that would be wonderful.

eamon said...

@moonrain: Think whatever you want. I got the answers on that day.

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