Sunday, February 27, 2011

Events from home: part 2

So here goes the second part of the home events. It was a long overdue plan. Finally this time we were able to execute it. We gathered on one of our friends roof top, cooked biriyani and grilled chicken for dinner. We had great chit-chat and fun. Most of us stayed in our friend's home on that night. We had almost whole night of playing cards and gossip. Let's have a look at some pictures of that night :)

Start marinating the mutton

Processing going on :)

Preparing the stove for cooking

Necessary stuffs for grilling

The stove is ready to use :)

Razib is preparing the chicken to grill

The mutton is being cooked

Marinating the chicken with spices

The burning coal for the grill

The chicken pieces are placed

Two guys preparing salad

Half cooked chicken

Gossiping in the middle

The chicken is ready

Close shot, Looks yummy :D

Having adda

Me, cooking the biriyani

Everything is done, just gossiping before start eating

The dinner started :)

Looks good, right?

Busy with delicious food :D

After dinner lighting cigarette in a funny way :P

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Farhana said...

Hummm great celebration, your biriyani looks testy......Ahhhhhh....:)

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