Sunday, April 17, 2011

Ericsson Badminton Doubles Championship

Today I participated in Ericsson LMF badminton doubles championship. I missed the singles championship due to illness. This time I was so eager to participate and I made it. And you know what? Me and my partner became the champion :D

Only four teams participated today. The partners were put together by lottery. I was really lucky; I got the best player among us as my partner :P Each team had to play against all other teams and then best two teams would play final. We won all the matches in round robin league and secured our place in final. At the end we managed to win in the final as well. As a matter of fact, there was no trophy, rather each of us got a box of victor shuttlecock which is really good to me as an award.

I played 11 games in total within two and half hours. I was totally exhausted and I feel pain in many parts of my body right now. But I enjoyed it very much. This championship turned my boring Sunday into a great enjoyable day :)

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Farhana said...

Congatulations!!! Good to hear that you enjoyed the play. But be carefull about your back pain. Please don't be delay to go to the physiotherapist.

eamon said...

Thanks. I don't feel the back pain anymore.

shasnayen said...

Congratulation eamon. 1st Championship in Finland.
IUT er badminton tournament er kotha mone pore jacche.Tumi ar Bijoy jebar doubles e champion hoila, sebar amra onek moja korsilam... CIT CIT boila misil korsilam. Thanks both of u for giving us (CIT boys) the enjoyment.

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