Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Waiting for the long drive

For last few days I have been waiting so eagerly for the long drive that we (Gagan and me) are going to have tomorrow. I decided to spend my Easter holiday in Gagan's place in Oulu and we planned to go there by car this time. It's around 650 kilometers drive which will be my longest car ride so far.

Gagan and Shanila went to visit London 10 days back. They came to Helsinki by car, left it here and took ryanair flight from Tampere. Shanila came back 3 days back and is in Oulu now. Gagan just came to Helsinki today, 3 hours back and now is in my home, sleeping and snoring I guess :P We will start our trip tomorrow around 3 PM. I will still come to work tomorrow. The plan is, I will prepare everything tonight, come to work tomorrow morning and in the afternoon Gagan will pick me up from my office and we will head to Oulu. I think it will be a memorable trip :-)

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Farhana said...

Wish you have a safe and pleasent journey to Oulu. Plsease send my regards and wish to Gagan as well. Good luck :)!!!

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