Friday, June 24, 2011

Gadget month :)

I have been getting myself quite many gadgets in last month. Every time I bought a new one it made me happier :) The first one I bought is the Logitech sound speaker. I bought it from verkkokauppa. It made me feel how the hell I lived without it for several years. I used to watch movies with the crappy sound of my laptop. I have an acer laptop, so I had to use all my brain's processing power to hear the sound. It's insane for a movie freak like me. I should have bought the speaker years ago.

The next gadgets I got a 1 TB external hard drive, wireless keyboard and mouse. I ordered all of those from amazon. The hard drive came within a week but it took 2 weeks for the keyboard and mouse to arrive. These days I can lean on my couch and use my pc :) The next thing is bluetooth headset. Well it was provided by my office. I wanted to buy one, but just took a chance and sent a mail to our secretary if I can get one. She replied me with a huge list of sony-ericsson's bluetooth headset and asked me to choose one so that she can order that particular model for me. I happily choose one. Nowadays sometimes I talk to my friend even while I am running :D The biggest device I have bought just yesterday. It's a Sony Bravia 32 inch LCD television. The model is KDL-32D2810. Right now my laptop is connected to it and I am writing this post on the television screen :)

Apart from these I also bought a vacuum cleaner and deep fryer. The vacuum cleaner is a small cute one with cyclone technology which doesn't need any dust bag. Oh yea, my room is clean now :D but I am worried about the deep fryer. I am eating french fry almost every night as my late night snacks. I hope I wont have a big belly within few months. Anyway, looks like I am enjoying buying gadgets these days, also enjoying seeing how they pay off :)

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Gagan said...

Next: ebook reader, xbox/ps3/wii, media center for tv :D

eamon said...

I don't know about the others you mentioned but ebook reader is next in my list :)

shahan said...

puradostur bideshi hoye gela to! :D

eamon said...

Shahan, ekhono bideshi hoi nai. Kam-kaj nai, tai eishob koira shomoy katai ar ki D

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