Friday, December 9, 2011

Pietarsaari trip for badminton tournament

I haven't written in my blog for long time. It was a long break. Finally I broke the ice and decided to give my updates here again :) Good thing is it's resuming with a trip post :)

I am going to Pietarsaari today to participate in a badminton tournament. I will participate both in singles and in doubles. In doubles I will play as Babu vi's partner. I am really honored that he allowed me to be his partner. The initial schedule for my matches can be found here. All the 3 matches are knock out fashioned. If I manage to win any of these games I will play more. Wish me luck :)

I will take the train from Helsinki. It will take four and half hours. Tareq vi is supposed to join me in the same train from Tampere. Babu vi will be in the train station to fetch us. It will be a nice trip I guess :)

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