Monday, January 9, 2012

New year

I promised to give regular update again but I couldn't manage time :( I have been busy with quite many things lately. I wanted to write a post at the beginning of new year but I couldn't. Anyway, now I am writing :)

New year has been started. I hope this new year will be kind to me. The first part of 2011 was not so good for me. I was struggling with many things. Finally it started getting better and at the end it seemed quite good. I hope this year will keep the goodness as it started. I wish it would be kind to everybody I love and care for. I have been thinking about this new year and few promises came to my mind.

1. I will wrap up my masters degree this year. It's been hanging for a long time now :(

2. I will get married and start my family life after the big storm last year.

3. I will forgive all the people that I couldn't forgive last year. I also want forgiveness from others if I did anything bad to them.

4. I will make my financial situation better this year. Will manage my economy in a better way.

5. I will go for skiing and skating, hopefully not alone.

6. I will improve my badminton skill and try to be a permanent member of the first group in Ericsson ranking.

At this point these are the promises that came to my mind. I will go through it at the end of this year if I am still alive, and see how much I could accomplish. Wish me luck :)

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Farhana said...

Good luck Eamon!!!!
It is the great commitment; resolution and finally best decision. May Allah bless you all time :)

shasnayen said...

Forgive me eamon.

shahan said...

Good luck Eamon!
So, when is the big date? :D

eamon said...

@Shahan: 20 January :)

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