Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Got married

May be it's a long over due update, but anyway, I still want to tell about it. I got married on Friday, 20 January, 2012. Yes more than 3 months and I couldn't manage time to write about it. Finally I am writing about it now.

How do I feel as a married guy? I am feeling better even though I had to take care of lot of things for last few months. Things were rolling really fast. It has been decided at the beginning of January that we are getting married in Finland. Now it has been executed properly. Being far away from family it's not so easy. You have to do lot of things of your own and most importantly you will miss your family in the occasion. But somehow I couldn't manage to go home at that time. Hopefully soon :)

On 18 January I sent few of my very close friends to deliver the stuffs that were sent from my home to Sharmin's place. Ohhh... I forgot to say, my wife's name is Sharmin. She is studying in the University of Helsinki, pursuing her masters degree. I met her here in Finland in the beginning of July last year. It didn't take us long time to decide about our future :P Anyway, on 18 of January some of my friends went to her place and delivered the stuffs that I brought from Bangladesh. It was for sure in a small scale but I guess my friends and most importantly Sharmin liked it. You can see some pictures if you visit the picasa link at the bottom :)

On 19 January we had to take all the preparation for the next day. It went so fast and we were busy the whole day. Gagan, Shanila, Wali & Muna helped a lot to put everything in place. Then the final day came, 20 January. We 6 guys went to magistrate office and get married in Finnish legitimate way. It was a nice small ceremony. The magistrate talked about marriage, asked us to exchange wedding rings and then she asked if we are willingly taking the other person as spouse. We agreed and then she pronounced us husband and wife :)

After the small ceremony we went to a restaurant to take lunch. It was a nice cozy restaurant. We were there for one and half hours. Gossiping and relaxing a bit. Then we went back home to prepare for the next event which took place in the masjid to perform the marriage in Islamic way.

We went to the masjid around 17:30. At that time we were 8 people. Shaikat vi joined us as one of the witnesses. The imam also talked about marriage, what it means and how we should realize our responsibilities to each other. Then he asked our opinion in front of the witnesses. After getting our consent he pronounced us husband and wife and made dua for us. We came back home but didn't stay together on that night. We stayed in our own places, different home :(

On 21 January there was traditional Bangladeshi ceremony called "gaye-holud" (body-turmeric). Around 40 people came to that occasion and wished us with blessings. Many of them prepared different kinds of foods. Interestingly it was Sharmin's birthday and one of the ladies prepared a huge birthday cake for her. At the end of the program there was music and almost everybody danced with the music even though most of us don't have expertise in that region :P but it was a pleasant evening and we enjoyed a lot.

Then the biggest event came on 22 January, the wedding reception. I invited around 80 people in the reception. It took place in one the villa in Espoo called Villa Solkulla. It was a nice place. The food came from a restaurant called Samrat. I had few of my Finnish colleagues present there with their wives. They also liked the food, as well as the program. It started at 13:00 and ended around 18:00. We stayed there couple of hours more to finish all the business. Then we returned home and this is the first night when we came to same house. There were few small rituals in our home arranged by our friends. I guess the picture section will tell you more :)

Here goes the picasa link for the pictures:

Gaye holud

Programming Solution

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