Monday, August 20, 2012

Best EID ever in Finland

Yesterday I have passed the best Eid ever in Finland. Since I have come to Finland this is my 5th Eidul Fitr. The last 4 Eids I have missed my home so much and on Eid day I felt really sad. Well, I still miss my home but in this year's Eid I was not sad. I was enjoying it to the fullest. I talked to my mom over the phone and she heard my happy voice. It all became possible because of my beloved wife with whom I was spending my whole Eid day :)

The first Eid activity started with the Eid prayer. We wake up very early in the morning, around 6:45 am. We freshen up, took bath, got ready and went to the Eid prayer hall together. We met many Bangladeshi folks there. I guess more than 500 Bangladeshi people were present. I was really amazed to see these many countrymen. Straight from the prayer we went to one neighbor's home to have breakfast. Around 20 people were taking breakfast together with shemai, payesh, polao, fish kabab and beef curry. It was a perfect breakfast for Eid day.

Lunch party in Otaniemi was the next activity of the day. It was arranged by the student community of Otaniemi. They ordered food from a restaurant, so nobody had to cook for 60 persons except from the dessert. Saber, one of my friends, prepared the shemai for dessert. We were there for 4 hours - ate a lot, had a great adda and played some card games. From Otaniemi we returned home around 6 pm.

We invited some friends to our home to have dinner. Some of them couldn't make it unfortunately due to their tight schedule. Finally 9 persons came in the evening. We served chotpoti and jorda shemai as starter. We were gossiping and watching funny videos from youtube. Around 10:30 we took our dinner. For the dinner we had polao, fish kabab, chicken korma, beef curry, prawn with onion, olive pickle followed by zorda and payesh(prepared by Shumanta da) as dessert. Don't be afraid, we prepared everything except from the polao the previous night :)

The guests left around half past 11. We were so tired after a day full of activities but we felt so happy. It felt like a perfect Eid. Both of us did the hard work together and made this happen - Eid with flavor from our home. We were also lucky that it was on weekend, otherwise it would be a bit difficult. For us, the day ended with a tired body but happy heart. This was absolutely the best Eid I have ever had in Finland. Thanks my dear Sharmin to make it special :)

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