Friday, August 24, 2012

Got new mobile phone

I just got a new mobile phone from my office. It's a Sony Xperia Acro S. I have been waiting for this phone for over a month now. Finally I got it today. What a nice start of weekend :)

My previous mobile's touch screen stopped working last month. I returned the phone to our secretary and my manager told me that I can order a new phone. Our secretary provided me a list of few android based handset. I already knew that a new Sony model is coming in August. So I kept my patience and decided to wait for it. It was released in Asia in the first week of August but it took some time to come to Europe. Last week our secretary informed me that this phone is available to order now. I took the offer right away. At first I thought it wouldn't take more than 3 days but it took a week since it was coming from Sweden.

There are mainly three reason for choosing this phone. Aside from the smart look and high processing capability this handset i) is water and dust resistance which is totally new feature for a mobile handset, ii) has a scratch resistance shatter proof glass (scratch resistance is not new but shatter proof is something new in mobile phone) and iii) has a very powerful camera (12.1 mega pixel and HD video of 1080p). I am not going to tell about other features since you can find those in several other mobile phones. If you wanna check the full specification go here.

For last one month I have been using a very old Nokia phone which comes with button keypad and you can do very basic thing like making call and sending text with it. I was eagerly waiting to taste the new Sony Android phone. However I haven't missed smart phone much for this period. My 25 minutes long bus journey in the morning became more visual - I see more, hear more and also I observe my surrounding more. I hope the new phone will make my life easier but won't help me to turn into a zombie in the street with an earphone on always :)

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Shopno.tara said...
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Hasan said...

the camera seems pretty cool ! I will wait for some nice pictures :)

Gagan said...

"water and dust resistance which is totally new feature for a mobile handset" ?????!!!

'Rugged' phones have been there for ages

And with Android..

May be you were referring to something else

eamon said...

@Dipu: I opened it already in the office, SORRY :(

@Gagan: Sorry, my lack of knowledge :P I didn't search much before I wrote the post :)

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