Sunday, October 7, 2012

Nice birthday celebration

There was a nice birthday celebration on 30 September midnight. It was my birthday and I couldn't manage to give update about it earlier. Today I determined to write about it :)

It was 29 September afternoon when I sensed that there is some preparation going on for my birthday. Even if it was raining Sharmin went to super market to buy flowers for me. Mohsin came to our home in the morning. It was afternoon when Wali and Muna showed up. By this time already,  I have got special birthday gift from Gagan - Xbox 360 with Kinect :D We played some kinect games and got some sweat :P In the evening Sharmin started to prepare the cake. She came up with a nice heart shape black forest cake at the end :) In the evening I was asked to cook biriyani. It's a bit funny that I had to cook the main dish on my birthday eve, I didn't mind though. You know I love cooking :P

At midnight Sharmin got ready, she wore a nice green shari. I also wore a panjabi of green side to match with her shari :) At first I got the gift package from Sharmin. Before cutting the cake I had to open the gift box. I got a winter shoe, a box of chocolate, a board game, a nice birthday card with Sharmin's nice handwriting, a light having egg shell on top it with a nice picture on it drawn by Sharmin and finally the most nice gift - scrapbook. I liked the scrapbook most because it reflects the most important highlights of our lives for the last year. It was nicely made with nice drawing and texts :) My friends wanted to see the scrapbook. It is very personal but we showed them invoking some censorship :P After looking at all the gifts I had to blow up the candles and cut the cake. The cake was delicious. Then we played board games and gossiped for a long time.

It was my first birthday after I got married. The celebration was executed nicely. Thanks goes to Sharmin to make the day so special. She planned everything and made it happen. Thank you soooooooooooooooo much dear >:D< :-*

Here goes few snapshots of the moments:

Preparation of the cake :)

The cake is ready :)

Me and Sharmin together in dinner table, very casual :)

 At midnight, opening the gift box

 The art on egg shell

 Blowing the candles

 Time to eat the cake :D

 Me with Wali and Muna

Me with Wali and Mohsin

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