Wednesday, December 26, 2012

A hectic journey of 52 hours

I have reached home on 11 December. Yes, we were supposed to be here one day earlier but weather betrayed us badly. My 22 hours journey turned to be a 52 hours one.

There was heavy(it didn't look heavy to me but they said so) snowfall in Copenhagen, and thus my flight was delayed by 15 hours. Eventually I missed my next flight, Istanbul-Dhaka. Unfortunately there is only one flight operates between Istanbul and Dhaka a day. So I was delayed by a full day. At the end that last flight was delayed by 5 hours. As a result it took 52 hours in total.

In Copenhagen airport it was totally uncertain whether the flight will get clearance or not. We have been going back and forth through the immigration gate quite many times. Once we even boarded and were inside the plane for two hours and then they informed us that the airport didn't give clearance to fly. So we had to leave the plane and returned to terminal again.

After 15 hours of waiting finally we could fly for Istanbul. It was around 6:00 in the morning in Istanbul when we reached there. We contacted Turkish airways office and they provided us Hotel for the day because the next flight to Dhaka is at 21:30. Both of us, Sharmin and me, had to take Turkish visa to get out of the airport. It cost us 40 euros. The hotel was nice and we had all three meals, breakfast, lunch & dinner. We also had proper rest which we needed badly. We slept the whole day. In the afternoon walking around a bit.

As I said, the last flight was also delayed, by 5 hours. We almost got business class seat for the last flight but our luck didn't favor us that much at the end. Finally we reached Dhaka around 14:00 on 11 December. It was hartal day in Dhaka but we could manage a car and reached home quite fast as the roads were not busy at all.

There was surprise for Sharmin in my home. This is the first time she visited our home. My parents and sisters in law received her with sweet from the main door. When we entered into our bedroom we found the room decorated with rose petals. Our names were written on the bed. Special thanks to Rafid for doing such hard work for us.

This is not a relaxing vacation for us. We have been running from the beginning. Right now it's almost done. Now we are a bit relaxed. May be I will give update about the whole visit later in some other post :)


  • Keep some cash in your wallet
  • Behave well at check-in desks, you might get a seat in business class :)
  • Keep a light blanket in your cabin luggage, you may need to sleep in the airport
  • Use all your food voucher provided by the airways before running out of time 
Outside our hotel in Istanbul

Near hotel reception

Our bedroom at my home in Dhaka

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