Friday, December 7, 2012

Visiting home after two years :)

In December 2010 I visited my home last time. It's exactly 2 years back. Now after 2 years I am visiting my home again on Sunday, 09.12.2012. This time it is very special because I am going with my wife for the first time. My family never met her before. Overseas phone calls were the only means to talk to each other. This time my wife, Sharmin, is going to meet my family :)

I have bought the ticket months back. This time our route will be Helsinki-Copenhagen-Istanbul-Dhaka-Istanbul-Copenhagen-Helsinki. The first flight to Copenhagen will be at 06:55, pretty early in the morning. I had no other way but to take the taxi to go to the airport on time. It's a Blue1 flight from Helsinki-Copenhagen. From Copenhagen we will take Turkish airways all throughout to Dhaka. Returning back will just be the other way around.

Necessary preparation has been taken already. Tonight we are going to pack our luggage. Looks like things are in place nicely and we are not in a hurry or in a panic situation. If everything goes well, in 3 days from now, we will be in Dhaka in my parents' place having evening tea with snacks exactly at this time of the day :)

We will stay 1 month in Bangladesh. We have to visit different places this time. Hopefully everything will go smoothly without any problem. For sure we will be quite busy but obviously will have fun as well. We are very excited about the trip and this is going to be a very memorable trip for both of us :)

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