Monday, December 2, 2013

The "waiting" is over :)

We have been waiting for so long time. Well, it may be debatable whether it's long or not but I think it's long; long 9 months and couple of weeks. We were waiting for that period of time expecting our first kid to be born. And now the waiting has been over and our first kid, Ninad, was born on Wednesday November 6, 2013. Yes we named him Ninad :)

The whole journey has lots of changes and several ups and downs. Sharmin was going through tough times. I tried to help her as much as I can, but that's actually nothing compared to what she went through. From the beginning I saw how difficult it was for her. Also at the end I watched her going through lots of pain. It was supposed to be a natural delivery but unfortunately at the very end Ninad was not doing very well and the doctor decided to do the operation. I wanted to be in the operation room but they were doing everything so fast that preparing me for the operation room would slow them down. So they didn't let me in. I was waiting in the labour room where the process started for Sharmin. After they took her I spent the longest 40 minutes of my life. Finally the midwife came and gave me the good news - it's a healthy boy and mom is doing fine as well :)

I went with the midwife to see the baby. Sharmin was still in wake up room, they kept her couple of hours there. My first feeling, when I first saw Ninad, was - he is so tiny :) I hold him in my hands and kept him for more than an hour. He was not crying or making any sound, just sleep and sleep. I was tickling his cheek from time to time to see if he is OK. At some point he was not responding to my tickle. I became so worried that I called the midwife right away. It's really strange - just an hour ago I didn't see him, I didn't know him at all; but now I became so worried about him. He spent his first hour of life on my hands and then we went to post natal ward where they brought Sharmin as well.

We had to stay in the hospital for 6 nights after Ninad was born - for his antibiotics and other check up. Then we finally came back home on 13 November. We were 2 when we left home, now came back with this new, unknown guy. I was pretty sure we would know this new guy more and more with time. He is now 26 days old and we already know quite a lot about him - how he smiles, how he cries, how he makes funny gestures and faces at times. I know we will get along nicely and raise a happy family together :) 

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Shopno.tara said...

He is made of our love. Our present from God, with your eyes and nose :) a little Eamon. With moms smile <3

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