Tuesday, December 31, 2013

An eventful year has passed. Goodbye 2013 :)

2013 was a year of lot of events for me and my family. Now we are standing at the last page of this year. I couldn't help writing a post right now, even if it's a tiny one :)

The biggest happening of this year for me is I became a father. We have got our first kid, a baby boy in November. I have told about it in my last post. This single event kept us busy for many months. During the nine months' journey and also after his birth. I think we got busier after he was born. Now a days we don't have enough time to mingle with our friends as before, but we don't mind. We are enjoying our parenthood.

Aside from that biggest event, I also graduated this year. I have finished my masters degree which was pending for several years. I just got the certificate on 20 December in a nice convocation ceremony in Tampere University of Technology. Two photos from that ceremony are given at the bottom.

Now the new year, 2014, is just knocking the door. For this year I am not going to make any wish-list. I would rather try to do things better each and everyday. Don't wanna put some resolutions in a time frame. Let's see how the new year goes :)

 The whole family in my convocation ceremony

 She couldn't help wearing my 'teekkari' cap :P

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