Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Herwood deshi badminton tournament 2014

Last month a badminton tournament among the Bangladeshi folks has been arranged in Tampere. It was a whole day event on March 15. The idea of the tournament was as following:

Interested cities give names of their players for both single and double games. 2 single players and 2 double teams. Players play with other city players and collect point for their own city. At the end total points collected by all players of a particular city will be that city's final score. In this way the best city in badminton will be decided.

Along with badminton there were table tennis tournament as well. In badminton Tampere became the champion while Espoo being runner up. Table tennis was individual competition. Shaikat vai became champion there and Mohsin became runner up. Also women were playing badminton.

Aside from sports there was a small food fair. The food were prepared by the women and sold for a small amount of money. The day was full of event and everybody seemed to be very much enjoying it. We stayed in Tampere on that night and came back the next afternoon.

I have only one picture from that day. Here it goes while taking our runner up trophy in badminton for Espoo.

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