Monday, May 12, 2014

Sea fishing in Tammisaari

Last Saturday we had a sea fishing trip in Tammisaari. It was planned few months back in our fishing club at work. They said it would be jigging in Tammisaari sea area guided by a professional fisherman. Finally it was arranged by Ericsson LMF fishing club and I am very happy to be one of the participants in this trip.

We were 8 persons, including the guide. 2 boats were arranged. Antti took his own boat, another one is owned by our guide. It's more than an hour journey from my home. I jumped in Juha-pekka's car at 7:40 in the morning and headed to Tammisaari. On the way we picked up Juha Ilmala and Mikko. We reached Tammisaari around 9:20, 25 minutes earlier than the schedule :P

Finally, Antti and other guys came around 9:45. By this time we, the first troop, took coffee in a coffee shop. Antti put his boat in water and was fixing everything for the trip and all of us were waiting for our guide. He came around 10 O'clock. I noticed that his boat is bigger than Antti's. He provided wheels to us those who have not their own. Also he provided a nice jacket for me. Then he put his boat in the water. By the way, our guide's name is Peter Lahti.

It was decided that those who don't have much experience will go in guide's boat which means I, for sure, will go in his boat since I have no prior experience of casting or jigging. 5 persons got in to Peter's boat, and 3 persons in Antti's boat. Then we started and Peter was showing the way.

Peter took us in some place and we started jigging. I threw my first ever angle to the sea. I was feeling a bit excited. After almost half an hour we got our first fish in our boat. It was Thomas who got it and it was a medium size pike. we were moving from place to place. Finally I got my first ever fish with jig and again it was a pike, around 1.25 kg, smaller than what Thomas got. I was very happy to get it anyway :)

Time was passing by and there was not many success in our boat. We heard that in Antti's boat they got 2 big pikes, both over 4 kilos. I got a bit jealous but that didn't help much. Finally around 3 PM we stopped in an island for lunch.

Our guide brought salmon soup for all of us. I don't know if it was due to the environment and company but that was one of best salmon soup I have ever had. The sea wind also made me very hungry, so I took twice. Half an hour later we left the island and again started jigging in different places.

I was seeing other people getting some perch or pike but I was not getting anything. It was almost 6 PM and hadn't caught a single one after my first catch. I was getting frustrated at the point. Finally the moment came and I felt huge tension on my jigging rod. The rod was too much bended and I was struggling like hell. Our guide screamed "It must be a big one". Finally we saw a bit of it and yes, it was big :) Peter took the fish from water with landing net. It was really big and I was smiling ear to ear :D We measured the length, it was 93 cm long. I took couple of pictures with the fish and then released it.

I was so happy to get that big pike. The frustration was gone and all the hours I spent suddenly felt meaningful. After this catch I got two perches. That was all for me. I got 4 fishes in total. We finished around 8 Pm and headed to shore. While coming back home I bought 8 perches with me. It was a long tiring but totally enjoyable day for me. New experience, lot of learning and doing at the same time. Looking forward for the next fishing trip. Ohhh, I am going to have dinner with some fried perch today :P

Waiting for our guide to arrive

Preparing Antti's boat

Set off from shore

Our guide, Peter Lahti, driving the boat

Our first catch of the day by Thomas

My first ever fish with jig

Stopped to this island to have lunch

So happy to get a pike-perch (Kuha in Finnish)

Antti's biggest catch of the day, over 4 kilo pike (Hauki in Finnish)

Juha Ilmala's biggesh catch of the day, another pike

Juha-pekka's biggest catch of the day

Here goes my biggest catch of the day. The smile tells everything :)

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Zahidul Bhuiyan said...

GREAT! It must have been really enjoying!... The fishes look quite beautiful too! :)

Mehjabin Sultana said...

What a wonderful catch!! That reminds me " Motsho maribo khaibo shukhe..
Ki anondo lagse buke....."
Tahole? Ebar shol macher jhol khete kobe ashbo?? :-p

shahid hossain said...

@Shaikat vai, yes, it was really enjoying :) And, the fishes were spectacular :D

shahid hossain said...

@Dolan vabi, hehe valo bolsen. Je kono din chole ashen. Ekhono 2 ta ahven mach ache. Ar hauki ta rakhi nai, dhorar por chere disi :(

Shopno.tara said...

Mach ta dekhlei mone boro dukkho hoy :( etto boromach ta kivabe chere dila !!!

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