Friday, May 2, 2014

Window seat challenge

We had to change our seating arrangement at work. Our team is going to start in a new business area along with several other teams. The management decided to put all those teams quite close to each other. So a new area has been furnished to accommodate all those teams.

Now the question is which team will seat beside window and which team will sit beside aisle? Well, we could have a raffle draw but we are not that boring people. So we decided to have some events to choose the winner, runner up and so on to decide who is going to choose first, then second and so forth. Actually it was Kari Erola's idea and we agreed right away.

There were four teams and each team was asked to propose one event according to their strength. Since my team mates saw me playing table tennis they suggested that we could propose table tennis. So from our team it was table tennis double games. 3 other proposals from other teams were fast chess(5 minutes each side), foosball, and noble game of running.

In each category the gold winner gets 7 points, silver 4, bronze 2 and 4th place team gets 1 point. In table tennis, opponents were chosen by lottery. 2 losers will play for bronze and 2 winners will play for gold. The chess also went the same way. Fusball was in round robin fashion. Games were 5 minutes long. Winner gets 2 points, loser gets 0. If it's tied each side gets 1 point. At the end of the round robin the points are accumulated which decides who won gold, silver and bronze. The running was really interesting. You have to run 150 meters, open a can of beer(non alcoholic), drink it and run back that 150 meters. There one representative from each team.

I participated in all the events from our team. In table tennis and foosball I had partners but chess and running I had to do alone. The first event was chess. I managed to get the bronze there. Then table tennis and of course we won the gold since it was our strength :P Then come the foosball and after the round robin our team won bronze again. Among the 3 games I played in only 1.

The last event was running and we went outside. The rule was explained and we 4 went to the start line. With the ring we started to run and suddenly realized that I haven't run sprint for a long time. After 10 seconds I found myself the last guy there. I reached the beer can point at last when all 3 runners were already drinking from their can. I opened my can, took my first sip and the first guy already took off from there making his can empty. I was thinking I have to drink this faster. So I took a big sip, still couldn't finish it. Then a small third sip made the can empty and I started running back while the other 2 guys were still struggling with their beer. I ran as fast as I could since I knew that they were fast runners than me. But finally I could manage to finish as second :) It was pretty tough and I was totally out of breath after the run. But I enjoyed it so much.

After all the event the points were calculated and it seemed that our team ended up being second with 15 points. The champion team got 18 points in total. All in all, it was a nice 2 hours event full of fun. After the event we went to the new team area and choose the place one by one according to the position in events. So we haven't got the window area but we choose the next place after that. But it was not about the seating area. I don't think people care that much about the seating area in office but it was just having some fun in a very busy afternoon which made everybody compete, support, fight and laugh. One thing I will remember for a long time. I forgot to bring running shoe, so I was very unhappy that I had to run with my boots on. Then suddenly Jarmo took off his shoes and told me to try those because they were like sneakers and obviously softer than mine. I tried but they were so loose. His feet are bigger than mine. Interesting, never thought that my colleague will give me his shoes to wear :P

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