Monday, June 23, 2014

Got the driving license

I never had a driving license in my life, neither in Bangladesh, nor in Finland. But exactly 2 weeks back on 9 June I got my first ever driving license here in Finland :)

I have started my driving lesson on 17 March this year. The theory lesson was finished in 3 weeks but the practical lessons took quite long. We had to take at least 18 hours of practical lessons. At the end of 18 lessons my instructor told me to take few extra lessons because I might not pass the test. So I took 3 extra lessons and then appeared in the test 2 weeks ago.

I was a bit nervous the previous day but on the day of test I was not tensed at all. I just took it normally and it went pretty well. I was talking with my examiner and looks like he was happy with my driving. So he approved me as a driver :) It did sound very sweet when he said that after my 30 minutes long test. Now I am legally allowed to drive here in Finland and also anywhere in the world, I guess :)

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Shopno.tara said...

Where is the picture of your license? People might want to see.

shahid hossain said...

It has my social security number imprinted on it. So I don't wanna share it publicly :)

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