Thursday, January 21, 2016

Badminton tournament in Siuntio, 2016

Last Sunday(17.01.2016) there was a badminton tournament in Siuntio for hobby players. I participated in both singles and doubles category. I spent the whole day in the sports hall and it went pretty well for me. I have won the singles "kunto" (casual) series. In doubles I played with Mohsin as partner and we managed to make it to semi-final and lost.

My first single game was 09:00 AM in the morning. So, I had to wake up very early in a Sunday morning. The place is around 35 kilometres from my home. It took half an hour to drive there. The game started just as scheduled.

I won all the games in group level. So, I moved to semi-final. I won the semi-final as 2-1. Then came the final, which was quite difficult because I was very much exhausted. But, I managed to win it by 2-0. The doubles series started right after the singles final match.

In doubles, we did quite good in group level. We won all the matches and secured place in semi-final. we lost the semi-final match. The team who won us became the champion. So, they are really good.

All in all, I would say the day was very successful for us. Had lot of fun. I have counted at the end of the day - I played 20 sets in total - 12 singles & 8 doubles. I was totally burned out but very happy :-)

Here goes 2 pictures from the tournament:

 Taking a gift from the organizer after winning the singles final match

 With the runner-up

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Gagan said...

looks like u signed in with blogspot after a looong time :)

shahid hossain said...

Yes, you are right. After a loooooong time :)

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