Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Ninad's first EID

Ninad had his first EID on 28 July, 2014. It was Monday, so a working day for me. But I took one day off from work to spend this day with my family and friends :)

The day started very early. We woke up around 7 AM in the morning, freshened up ourselves and got Ninad ready as well. He was wearing his Eid panjabi which he got from Shanila's mom just couple of weeks back :)

At 08:15 we started from Olari heading to Vantaa Eid Jamat. We took 3 cars with us - mine, Drishty vai's and Gagan's. It's half an hour drive in a very busy time of the day. So the road was busy but we managed to be there on time.

There were separate places for men and women in the hall. So I left Ninad with Sharmin and went to men's side. The whole ritual took almost an hour. After that we left the place and along with many of our friends headed to Otaniemi, Shobuj's place.

We had our breakfast in Shobuj's home. It was really heavy for a breakfast. From there we went to Mortuza's place to have tea. It was a very hot day. So we were seating underneath our cloths and Ninad was wearing only his diapers at some point. Thank god he is not an adult :D

From Otaniemi we came back to Olari. Sharmin was finalizing preparations for the guests, I was taking care of Ninad. When Ninad fell asleep I went to Drishty vai's home and had lunch there. They had more than 25 guests. I came back home and then Sharmin went there because all her preparations was well taken care of already. At around 5 PM people came to our place.

We had around 20 guests in total. Ninad woke up by that time already. He was a bit suspicious seeing so many people at a time. Everybody was so full after heavy breakfast and lunch but they have no choice but to eat in our place again. What can you do? It's Eid day :)

We didn't serve food as soon. We gave them some time to digest what they have had already by then. So we offered coffee only. By this time Gagan, as a game master, arranged Mafia game among the guests. They were playing and from the scream we could easily get that they were enjoying a lot. Around 7 PM we served the food. It looked like they were a bit hungry by that time already. So could eat quite well :)

From our place people headed to Ahsan vai's home to have tea again. From there to Hasan's place to have snacks. Around 9 PM we headed to Shaikat vai's place for final dinner. Five cars headed to Muurala. We stayed there couple of hours and had our dinner there. Ninad was going everywhere along with us, except from Drishty vai's place, amazingly :-S We came back home around midnight while he was sleeping already.

This time the Eid day was full of house hopping with many people together which gave us a taste of Eid we used to have back in Bangladesh. Ninad is so young to understand the idea but he was also, at least, busy the whole day :) It was his first Eid and we enjoyed together as a family. I hope Ninad will get the social aspect of this kinda day when he will grow up.

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