Monday, August 19, 2019

Sold my first car

Sad to let it go

I have sold my first car two days ago. It took only 2 weeks after I put the ad online. The interested guy came, drove the car, negotiated the price a bit and then took the car after we signed the deal. Now my Volkswagen Golf is not anymore with me :-(

I got the driving license in 2010 and after I got the license I bought this car right away. It was my first car and I drove it for 5 years. It served me pretty well - aside from daily commute and short trips I had many long trips with this car and it never disappointed me on the road during long drive.

Since I have got a new lease car from my employer I had to sell this one. Keeping 2 cars at the same time is not yet feasible for me. So I decided to put the ad online and it went pretty quickly. I must say it was like a family member to us. Sharmin and Ninad were also sad to say goodbye but it had to be done. I hope it will keep running well with its new owner.

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