Friday, June 8, 2007

I should be more carefull

I was going home from Shantinagar last night. It was raining heavily. The streets were flooded 10 inches deep and there was no vehicle. But you know I have raincoat :) I wore it and started to walk along the street. Suddenly a car came from opposite side. The road is not so wide so I just get myself aside and kept walking to give the car room to pass by... and suddenly aweeeeeeeeee... I found myself drowning. I just grab the edge of the street and pulled myself up, but by that time I was drowned up to my thigh. I just stand up and keep walking again after looking once to the place I just fell into.

I think you already got the real thing. Yes I fell into a manhole that do not have a cover :P The goddamn municiple corporation don't give that much attention to this :( Anything severe can happened. I could break my leg if the opening of the manhole was narrow but I am quite ok now coz I didn't get hurt :) The opening of that manhole is wide... thank God... You know whenever I just pulled myself on the street again 2 things came into my mind. The first thing that came to my mind was I am very lucky today :) I could be wounded but I wasn't. So I thank God at once. The second thing came into my mind was.... aaaaa... mmmmm.... ok no need to hear that ;) ;) ;)

You know this is not the first time in my life to fall into a manhole. It happened to me once :D I was in high school at that time and I was really wounded in that case.

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Mahmudul Hasan said...

hmm, i think your big moustache helped you. with that goofy moustache nobody could drown.

Nice to find you here.

Would you add my link Mahmudul Hasan to your blogroll ?

eamon said...

may be my mustache helped me hahahaha... but I have shaved it the very next day that means this friday... so who would help me next time :-? I think my reflex is not bad ridwan :) :) :)

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