Sunday, June 3, 2007

I didn't pay for the food :(

I was on the way of home walking on the footpath after getting off the bus. I saw a hawker selling JHAAL BOOT(a local delicious food) on the footpath. I was a bit hungry. So I took one very small bowl of it costs 3 taka only and started eating standing there. I found it tasty. I almost finished eating while was thinking to take another one. Suddenly a policeman came grabbed the hawker by his collar took him into the police van and the van went away. I was at a loss. The big bowl full of JHAAL BOOT was still on the footpath. I was standing there. I didn't even pay him. I was hesitating what should I do. I waited there for 4 or 5 minutes and then started walking again without paying for the food I have eaten awhile ago.

Actually it's illegal to block the footpath for any kinda personal use or purpose. Yet I don't feel good seeing a JHALL BOOT seller being caught by the policemen just for standing on the footpath with his bowl. May be he had spent his last penny to prepare that food. So many illegal things are happening everyday in this country. The big shots can easily pass through but whoever gets caught?? A JHALL BOOT SELLER :(

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