Monday, June 11, 2007

I bought more raincoats

Yesterday it was raining heavily the whole day. It started in the morning and countinued the whole day with few short intervals. Most of my office mates came to work with a wet shirt. In the afternoon they were telling that raincoat is perfect for this type of stormy rain and most of them were very much interested to buy one soon. I just stood up and told them the name of the market(Polwell market) from where i have bought mine. Most of them didn't know that I have a raincoat. As they came to know it they wanted to see and I showed them and everybody liked it.. the color and also the size and shape. I was smiling as if "aha... I have a precious gem".

Suddenly the network administrator(I think you remember him.. the person I am
afraid of most) told "oh... shahid can buy it for all of us"... UPPPSSSS... I seemed helpless but couldn't deny them :( One by one came and requested me to buy for them. Total 5 persons requested me and 3 amongst them ordered 2 for each of them. So I get an order for 8 raincoats.

My boss told me to leave the office at 4 pm to go to the market because at 7 pm all the shops will be closed. I left the office around 4 pm and started my mission. I reached the market after a lot harassment because of the heavy rainfall and flooded roads. Finally I bought the raincoats with a very cheap rate as the number is 8.

This morning I came to work with those 8 raincoats tied together and people in the bus were very much annoyed by me as the pile of raincoats irritated them much. I was just keep saying sorry sorry... poor me.

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shahan said...

ha .ha..ha..
really really funny .... :D

"eamon ... the dealer of raincoats" - sounds pretty nice to me!

by the way ... how much u saved for urself? ha ha ha ... just kiddin' .. :D

eamon said...

Didn't save a single penny for me :( rather I had a great harassement grrrrrr... but I had a nice snacks in the evening spending some extent of their money :D but I told them about it :)

Gagan said...

Hei how about believing in my hypothesis..

Help one person, your 'luck' stock will increase!!

Eamon, your luck may have just increased by 8 units.

But..hmm!! You didnt do it for the sake of helping.. you did it coz that network administrator ( the way Eamon is calling his network administrator, i believe one day we will forget his real name, call him network administrator..haha) asked him to do so! hm!!

eamon said...

Gagan, I am gonna tell you the name of our network administrator. I bet you will never forget that name... yes I am pretty sure about it :)

His name is APREEL :D

hahahaha... will you forget this name ever??

Mahmudul Hasan said...

Eamon, I would like to buy one. Help me. What is the price ?

eamon said...

Actually I have bought very cheap ones :D only 300 taka for each... go to polwell market, you will find loadz of raincoats as the loads of the CS books on your desk :D you can buy as many as you want :)

Gagan said...

APREEL ??? !!!

Are you serious??

Quite funny! He should be the king of "april fools" day!
(whoops, will he mind?)

eamon said...

yea I am serious... really APREEL !!!

and don't worry gagan... he wont go through my blog :D

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