Sunday, May 4, 2008

My eardrum has been reformed

Last Wednesday I saw the ENT specialist again for my ear treatment. Since Monday I was hearing in my left ear. Before that I was not hearing in my left ear since my eardrum has been burst. I was hoping that its getting better but worried at the same time if the doctor would say something bad.

The doctor examined my ear and told that its very well now. A new thin eardrum has been reformed at the place of damage. I am so happy hearing that. He said I no more need to use any medicine or ear drop. He just gave me a vitamin and told me that the new eardrum will take few months to be strong as before. He told me to be careful for 3 months. Going to pool or bathing without putting cotton inside the ear is strictly prohibited. For his instructions I missed one of the get togethers of IUTians in water kingdom but I am not sad for my ear is getting well now :D

So from this thing I learned few things :

1. We have to be careful while having colds for several days with clogged nose.
2. We have to be careful while cleaning our ear; better don't clean it at all.
3. If somehow the eardrum has been burst it can be reformed under proper treatment... really cool :)

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