Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Got acceptance letter from TUT

Yesterday afternoon I got the acceptance letter from Tampere University of Technology(TUT) in international masters' degree programme in information technology. They selected me for the subject Communication Engineering.

Most of my classmates applied in different foreign universities for masters programme. I was very lazy in doing such thing. Some of very close friends were pestering me to apply but still I didn't. Finally I could manage to overcome my laziness and applied in one finish university and that is TUT.

I sent my documents at the end of March(Shishire helped me a lot to do that). Rafi brought me the recommendation letters from 2 of the teachers of my graduating school. Shahan brought me the transcripts and the certificates attested by the registrar. What else did I do then :-S just wrote the statement of purpose?? :-S I think so :D Anyway, the mail just made me happy as I was having a bit inferior complex within me upon hearing many scholarship news among my friends.

I am not sure yet about taking the offer and going there. There are many constraints; I have to consider all those and make my decision. I may go to TUT or may be not but its a pleasure to get this kinda news even though its not a scholarship :)

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vola said...

Naujubillah Naujubillah Naujubillah Naujubillah Naujubillah Naujubillah. May Allah forgives us.

Gagan said...

Congrats !!

But we need to talk Eamon. Soon!

Oh about the girls...Hehe, in Finland, generally speaking, girls are running behind the boys.. a bit opposite situation here ;)

Amar ami amar shopno said...

Is that true... Gagan.....? I am really feeling interest about the situation....:P;):P

Khalid said...

OMG..... I wanna go I wanna go I wanna........
Finland ahh what a nice country!

Khalid said...

Why not??!! I think thats a nice country for study :D any one can study in girls :D :D:D: >:) >:) >:)

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