Saturday, October 18, 2008

Badal vi got his Ph.D degree

Yesterday was a great experience for me. It was Badal vi's dissertation for his doctoral degree - the highest academic degree. He has achieved his PhD(Doctor of Philosophy) degree yesterday. His thesis topic is "Governance in practice - decentralization and people's participation in the local development of Bangladesh".

The dissertation(some call it defense) started exactly at 1215 afternoon. 3 guys entered into the auditorium - Badal vi, his supervisor and his opponent. At first Badal vi gave a speech for around 15 minutes which is the summery of his thesis. It was clear and organized. I liked his diction as well. Then his opponent(this is how they call him. You can also address him as the examiner) stood and in brief described what this thesis is all about. He took around 5 minutes. Then all of them sat and the opponent told Badal vi having a smile on his face that they can start now. So the most difficult part started. Its the discussion part. The opponent is an expert in this field. He came from UK just to conduct this dissertation. He is a professor of Manchester University. Its more of questionnaire by the opponent and answer by the defender, for instance Badal vi in this case.

As the discussion session proceeded we started to feel how well the opponent studied the whole book that Badal vi wrote as his PhD thesis. Its a book of 207 pages. To me the most amazing thing is my name is mentioned in the preface of this book along with few Bangladeshis living in Tampere; feeling so proud :D

I enjoyed the discussion very much as I came from Bangladesh so as the context is well known to me. Badal vi was answering the questions very nicely. We came to know that he invented a new methodology to collect information from grass root people by sampling. He claimed that while he was doing his field work during his PhD he used this methodology and its totally new. The opponent also agreed on it. We had many gossiping with Badal vi before. We talked with him about many things, about his thesis as well. He never told us that he invented such a nice thing. He named this methodology as "Local cultural appraisal". I myself also think it will work nicely in special situation.

The discussion lasted for 2 hours. The professor asked many questions, commented on many points, mentioned critics as well. Badal vi has to defend all of those. Can you imagine an extreme level expert professor is asking you what you have done for this 4 years, not an overall asking rather he is asking from every point of view and bit by bit. I don't know how you people feel about it but I may collapse in that situation when I know this opponent can make my 4 years' work invalid if he thinks its not good enough. I don't know how Badal vi was feeling but I was feeling thirsty during that dissertation when the opponent was asking him a critical question.

It was difficult, it was charming, it was exciting but the final thing is Badal vi saved his PhD. Thanks to Allah that he did very well. I really was feeling happy while hearing the professors addressing Badal vi as Dr. Asad. Well Badal vi's full name is Mohammad Asaduzzaman.

We had cake and coffee after the dissertation. Badal vi invited us to attend the dinner party in the evening. We went there exactly at 7 pm. As I was seeing almost everybody in suit and tie I felt that I should bring one suit while coming to Finland for this kinda party. Badal vi's opponent was also present, his supervisor as well. Some senior professors as well from his department, also some of his colleagues and of course we, the Bangladeshis who are always with him. Badal vi welcomed everybody. Then one of the senior professor started the party by opening a champagne bottle. it was served to everybody. I never tasted champagne. I was thinking if I will take it or not. Finally I didn't. May be I will take if of the Bangladeshis in our table would take.

Everybody was gossiping and then the food was served. As a Bangladeshi I like spicy foods but here the foods are not spicy. So I kinda didn't enjoy the food very much except the soup and beef. But there were lots of foods - soup, rice, vegetable, prawn(big size), salmon, chicken, beef, unlimited wine, juice and finally ice cream and coffee. Before taking coffee Badal vi thanked everybody to come to the dinner and asked his opponent to say something. We didn't know that this guy is that much humorous. He was making fun with Badal vi and somehow told that he didn't come here to kill Badal vi. After the opponent the supervisor and another senior professor gave very short speech each. Then Badal vi ended the party by saying goodnight to everybody.

This was a nice opportunity to me to attend the whole activities. This is my first time in this kinda event. I really enjoyed the whole day. Thanks to Badal vi for inviting me and over all CONGRATULATION BADAL VI(as a matter of fact I forgot to congratulate him yesterday :P )

From left the opponent from UK, Badal vi's supervisor and Badal vi

Badal vi is presenting the summary of his work

After the dissertation another professor is congratulating him

In the evening, the dinner party

Some of Badal vi's colleagues

The opponent was also there

Opening of champagne bottle to start the party

Before the food was served, we were waiting :P

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m@q said...

তোমারটা কবে হবে?

Shahan said...

congratulation Badal vi! :D
well described Eamon :)

eamon said...

Tanim, amar to matro masters shuru hoilo... Ph.D niya kono chintai ekhono kori nai... doa koiro jeno masters ta valovabe shesh korte pari.

Who is Dr. Azad?? :-?

সাদ্দাম said...

Eamon tumi to khub lively lekho, akhon theke niomito tomar blog pora suru korlam...congrats Badal Bhai.

eamon said...

Thanks Saddam :)

Razib said...

Congratulation Eamon. You have reached in a level of writing lively. People can feel the difference of the quality. Tor chesta onek agei sofol hoise but akhon people can feel it very well.

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