Sunday, November 2, 2008

I am in my own room :)

I have got my own room. Actually I was informed in October that I am gonna get my room from November 1. The officer in TOAS is a very polite girl. She agreed to give me the key on 31 October so that I can move in before November starts but the thing is I could not move in to my own room on that day as it was really an extreme hectic day for me. I move in from today, November 2.

Its been 2 and half months that I have been staying in other people's room. Good for me that my senior brothers here are really nice. They let me be in their room for so long time. Finally I got my room's key on 31 October early in the morning. I shifted all my stuffs in my new room on 1 November. It was not difficult as I have few things only. I was not in my own room. So I didn't buy necessary things like cookeries and other stuffs that a person usually needs. After shifting my stuffs I helped other people to shift their goods. So many Bangladeshi guys shifted in this month. Except from me Shaikat vi, Badal vi, Morshed vi and kamal vi are in this group. In the evening the shifting has been completed but I was so tired to fix my stuffs in the new room. So I decided to stay in Taslim vi's room one more night and so did I.

Today I woke up early and as it is weekend I started to fix my things in my new room. I have finished that by 11 am.Right now I am writing this post from my own room. You know what? This is my first ever personal room :D I didn't have any personal room in my home back in Dhaka. Sometimes Shishire and me was joking about this(he also doesn't have a room of his own). We used to say may be we wont get any room of our own in our lives. You may say of course we will get one whenever we will marry. Yea sure, we will get one inshallah but will that be a personal room? Don't I share it with my wife? Yes I will. So, that is not a complete personal room to me.

I am really happy to get my own room here. I hope I will be able to manage things well from now on. I heard some of my friends are not so happy as I cant go online and talk to them frequently. I hope things will be better now :)

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Gagan said...

Believe me, there is nothing compared to your completely own home.
If you leave something somewhere, you know when you will come back, it's there, no one will change it !! It's a great feeling for me!

I hope you get the fun one day also to live in your own flat completely.. i mean a whole flat..nothing shared.. I had for few months before Shanila joined me.. it was a lifetime experience :)

Razib said...

Will you repete the thing what you did at Rangamati long time ago.....?????:P
Kamon asis?

TASNIM said...

congratulation eamon.
tomar room ta ki koyek ghontar jonno deya jabe?
ami amar ek bhandhobi er sathe ekante kisu somoe katabo.
asha kori tumi amake nirash korbe na..:)

Khalid said...

Yesterday is history. Tomorrow is a mystery. And today? Today is a gift. That’s why we call it the present.

so mate which one u like best?

Sunny said...

Eamon your page rank is going with something else?? :)

eamon said...
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eamon said...

Yes sunny vi... its going down :( I cant manage enough time to post frequently. More over I am running out of subject. May be Finland is not a country of lots of happenings. I don't see people quarreling in the street or in the bus. Looks like everything is in its right position. While walking in the street if you stumble upon a person he/she will say "Anteksi"(sorry) before you say anything though it was your fault. Hope I will get something soon to blog about.

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