Monday, November 17, 2008

I saw first snowfall

Yesterday I saw my first ever snowfall. It was afternoon and I was trying to do some really boring reporting assignment. Morshed vi called around 0230 pm and told that its snowing outside. I got dressed up and went out of my room to see it. When I was out I saw it really was snowing but it was very light, kinda flurry.

I went to a open high place. I was standing. It was very windy. I was feeling cold but I was still standing because snow was falling on me. I don't know why I was smiling at that time. I wished I wouldn't be alone at that very moment but unfortunately I was.

I wanted to take picture but my camera batteries were out of charge. It was dark as well. And over all it was very light snow - may be it wont be visible in pictures. I am waiting for a heavy snowfall to see and obviously next time I will take some pictures and post those here in my blog :)

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Razib said...

You just smiled a bit? If I were you then I think I would have cried at that time.

Maroof said...

hmm snowfall should be an amazing thing. amar skiing korar khub shokh. :P

Jonas said...

You must have much more snow now right?
Otherwise wait until mon-tue, saw on the news that there will snow pretty heavy then.

Hope you are prepared and got some warm clothes :-)

eamon said...

Yes Jonas!!! Snowing started heavily. Right now I am sitting next to my big window and I am seeing outside; its snowing heavily. The bad thing is wind is blowing at a speed of 10 m/s :( So obviously its very cold outside and I have work tomorrow morning :(

I am prepared and got some warm cloths as well but still its very cold for me. There is one Finnish dialog "there is nothing called bad weather, its all about bad clothing" - I don't agree with it fully; its partially true.

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