Monday, November 24, 2008

First exam in Finland

Today I have appeared in my first exam in Finland. This is the exam week after the second period. I have 4 exams in this week. Today was the first one - Programming I.

The exam started at 1 pm. It was a 3 hours exam but I heard it earlier from my senior brothers that here the exams wont take more than 2 hours if you learn the things well. Programming I is a basic course and I have done several programming course during my graduation schooling. So it was a bit easier exam. In 2 hours my exam was completed.

I was writing with pencil and had eraser on the desk. The amazing thing was there was not seat plan. You can sit anywhere you want. If you need extra paper nobody will get you that. You have to go to the stage( yea.. the examination hall is a gallery like auditorium ) of your own and will collect the paper by yourself. As a matter of fact, I raised my hand when I needed extra paper but the responsible person was looking at me with a strange look. The student beside me told me that I can go there and get the paper. Then I got my own paper by myself. You can even drink or eat in the exam hall( well, I saw many of the students were doing that!!! ). The situation of the exam hall is very flexible here but strict in only one case - cheating. Any kinda unfair means will be result in immediate dismissal.

Programming solution


Razib said...

Collecting paper from the stage or from the desk of responsible person sounds ok to me. But to take light food and drink sounds really interesting.
Remember Eamon... We can only have drinks during exam in BD.

Rafi said...

সিট প্ল্যান মনে হয় আর কোথাও নাই! ইতালিতে মিডটার্ম দিলাম, এক্সট্রা কাগজ যদিও এক্সামিনার দিছে, তবে খাওয়া-দাওয়ার ব্যাপারে কোন মানা নাই!

m@q said...

Hmmm.... agreed with Rafi. I've appeared my xam and well... people are allowed to drink and eat while writing on the xam script! And also you can keep your bag or book to yourself [in BD we are used to keep those things outside the exam hall]. But as Rafi said in my case examiner provided the extra pages....

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