Friday, May 29, 2009

Got a job in the university as Research Assistant

You know I came from Oulu suddenly to attend a meeting with my professor. I met the professor today and he formally let me know that he is going to take me as a Research Assistant under his supervision. My joining date is June 1, 2009 means next Monday.

Today the professor introduced me with the secretary of our department and she helped me to do the procedural stuffs. I had to fill up few forms. Next Monday she will give me the key of my room and then the laptop that I will use for my work.

Its a 6 months' contract as a full time worker(weekly 37.5 hours). So from next Monday I will sit in a tiny room in my university from 9 to 5 and hopefully my 3 months' long summer vacation wont go in vain :)

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eamon said...

Yes, I am preparing a big treat for U :)

teer said...

Thanks God.

tasnim said...

sabash eamon.
onek din pore ekta valo news sunlam.
may allah bless you.
pray for me.
i dont see any hope in my life.

Maroof said...

jotobar shuni totobar e valo lage. :D
tasnim, dse'r urdhotonoo kormokorta eishob ki bolen?

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