Monday, November 9, 2009

Parata party on Saturday night

Last weekend on Saturday night we had parata party in my apartment. We were only 3 guys. Tareq, Saad and me. It was planned earlier when we went to play badminton in the morning. I cooked beef curry with onion, tomato and cabbage in the afternoon. In the evening we played table tennis and returned around 9 pm. Then we started making parata.

None of us is expert in parata making :P Moreover we didn't have the exact tool, the rolling pin, to make good shape. Saad just used a tall glass as a replacement :D The parata was really good though. We made twelve parata for three of us and had a full-tummy dinner with 4 pieces each with beef curry :)

Here goes some pictures of that night.

Saad is making parata; I am just helping him.

These are some that we made. Not so good-looking :P

After baking. We put less butter while baking.

Prepared to start dinner.

Parata with beef curry. The curry was very oily.

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eamon said...

I will love to do that :)

Maroof said...

ami vala porata banaite pari. ar ei polar name to mone hoi tareq, saad na.

eamon said...

Or nick name Saad, full name Tareq Hasan Noor.

tasnim said...

are eamon,kamon acho? taito boli, poladare chena chena lage. CIT,03. Cricket khelto. valo chele.

eamon said...

Ami valoi asi. Ratul ashchilo Friday te, ajke chole gelo. Adda valoi hoise.

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