Friday, May 28, 2010

Got new residence permit with category A

From my last post you came to know that I have got a full time job. After signing the contract I applied for a new residence permit of category A. Previously I was holding a Finnish residence permit of category B. All international students hold that category. With category B you can work only part time. Only exception is the university. If you work in the university as a research assistant then you can work full time with a B category visa. Since I am going to start my work from July I needed to change my status from B to A.

I applied on Tuesday, 3 days back. The girl in the police office counter told me it would take 5-6 weeks. Later that day I sent her email telling that I need it urgently because I will shift to Helsinki soon. This morning when I opened my email inbox I found her mail and she said the decision is made already, I can pick the residence permit on any working day. I was quite amazed to see it's ready only withing three days. I didn't make any delay. I went to police office with my passport and the girl attached the visa. It's a category A residence permit and will be valid for a year.

Here is my new residence permit. The one as upside down is the previous one.

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