Saturday, May 29, 2010

A visit to city center, a museum and a church

I have been in Tampere for almost two years but I did not visit many places. Well, Tampere is not city of lucrative tourist spots. However, there are some churches and museums that people can visit. Today I visited the city center with Modestes and Joestin, the brother and sister who came from Lithuania last night.

Shaikat vi and me went to fetch them from Tampere airport last night. They will stay here until tomorrow evening. By this time they wanted to visit some places in Tampere but they do not know the places well. So I agreed last night to go with them this morning to guide them a bit ( later it turned out that I don't have good idea about places in Tampere :P ). We roam around the city centre for a while. Then went to a museum. It's a story based small museum specially for kids. I knew about this museum but never been there. We were in the museum for an hour. Then we went to a church. This is the first time I entered into a church. It is big but not much extravagant like catholic churches in Rome. It's more of simple style of Nordic culture. From the church again we roam around in the city and I told them what other places they can go and how. Then I left them and came back home.

It was good for me because I went to some places may be I would not go by my own. We took some pictures also but I am not sure if I will get those pictures ever because they are leaving tomorrow and I am not supposed to meet them by this time.

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