Sunday, May 2, 2010

Vappu 2010

It was 1st of May, vappu in Finland. Last year the weather was great, bright and sunny. Temperature was around 20 degree. This year the weather was gloomy, no sun at all. It was raining a bit also. So the wappu did not turn out very nice. The number of rally was small. Still so many people went to city center and tried enjoying the wappu.

We started from our home around 11:30 am. The bus was full-packed. We managed to get in somehow. We roam around the city and saw the rally. We closely saw the dipping closely. It was quite cold but Finns were so desperate. We went to the fair and ate fried fish. It was delicious. We were in the city for 3 hours and then we came back. In the afternoon we went to the near by tower. It was a good day for all of us. Let's see some pictures :)

Starting from Hervanta

People 1: with various get up

People 2: with colorful dresses

Lots of colorful baloons, too much expensive

People 3: with strange hairstyle

Kid with a funny wig :D

Nice music from these guys. They dressed up like red-indian. I don't know where they are from actually.

Rally started

Another rally

The fair. Just like fair in Bangladesh :P

Junk food shop in the fair

Another junk food shop. Why does she look sad :-S

Some junk food

The first dipping

They look happy even if it was very cold

We were watching the dipping from distant place

On top of Hervanta tower

The highest watch tower in Tampere, taken from Hervanta tower.

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shasnayen said...

very nice.
eamon, why u looks sad in the 3rd picture from the last?

eamon said...

Do I look sad :-S well, may be. I don't know why.

eamon said...

I really didn't take any picture this time. All those pictures I got from my friends who went with me with their cam and they were shooting all those pictures.

Quazi Mainul Hasan said...

Nice photos Eamon. I visited your blog after a long time :(. But I'm glad to see that you are having a good over there and still updating your blog from time to time. Have fun!

eamon said...

Nice to see your comment in my post Sunny vi :) I visit your blog from time to time but unfortunately not much update. Hope you will update yours more frequently. Regards to both of you.

Anonymous said...

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