Saturday, December 18, 2010

Bought a new shoe :)

Yesterday I bought a new pair of shoes. For last few weeks I have been looking for shoes. I was looking for a caterpillar this time. It's been more than two yeas that I have decided to buy a caterpillar shoes for myself someday. But it's so expensive and I didn't have the guts to buy a pair of shoes for myself which costs 120-160 Euro range. One month back the threshold limit exceeded and I decided to get one. Unfortunately the model, Men's Corax - Nutmeg, I like was not available for my size. I found it in different shops but those starts from 44, but my size is 42. So I couldn't get that one even if I liked it so much. As a result I couldn't get a caterpillar yet. Finally I went for a hush puppies yesterday. It's nothing compared to the model I wanted from caterpillar but still I liked it :)

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