Monday, March 28, 2011

Peter's last day at work

Today is Peter's last day at work. We had a farewell party for him. Around 25 people came to the small arrangement. Peter came with 20 balloons of different colors filled up with Helium. He gave one balloon to each of the first twenty persons who came to the party. There was champagne, a big cake and coffee. We had funny gossip, well it's always funny when Peter is around. We spend almost an hour there. All the people passing the terrace was looking at us because we were holding colorful balloons in our hands. Everybody put his/her balloon in own team space. In our team we put it with our high table. I didn't miss the chance to take picture with peter standing behind that table. I will still see him either in his home or my home or outside but for sure I am gonna miss him during office hours :(

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