Tuesday, March 29, 2011

70 years old guy surprised me

I had a badminton match today at 1630 and my opponent was a 70 years old guy. He had been working in Ericsson for 27 years and retired 13 years back but he is still playing badminton as a club member. At first I didn't know any of these information. Seeing him I thought he is around 55. While playing the first game I had to work hard to win. After the game I asked him, while panting like hell, how old is he. At that moment I came to know about him. I was so surprised, such an old guy competing with me quite well. I managed to win the match but I had to work hard for every point I achieved. He played with me for the whole hour and it seems that after an hour I am more exhausted then he is. How can he be so strong in this age? :-S I wanted to know more about this guy but he can't speak English at all. I had to extract all the information with my very little knowledge of Finnish language :-)

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