Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Survived from getting sacked

It's been two months now that Ericsson is negotiating with the union about the possible lay off of employees in Finland. The negotiation ended last week. It was a successful negotiation from employees' point of view in a sense that the number reduced to 37 from 90. Today was the big day to let all the employees know the final decision.

The environment was very awkward since this morning. People gathered in small groups in the terrace and were talking to each other. Everybody was tensed what was going to happen. The bosses started talking with people from 10 O'clock. I got call from my boss around 1 PM. Luckily I survived means I didn't get sacked. Unfortunately two guys from our team has been sacked and one of them is Peter :( I am not worried about Peter. He is competent enough to find a good job within few months. But I feel really bad about it. Peter has been my closest friend in the office for several months now. We used to work together, have fun together and most importantly share the events of our lives which is very unlikely for a Finnish guy. I can't be happy today because Peter is leaving and I am gonna miss him terribly in the office. I am loosing another very good friend. People I like are getting away from me one by one. It doesn't matter whether it's intentional or inevitability, the fact is I am loosing them :(

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Farhana said...

A big Congratulations........:)Eamon.

eamon said...

Thanks Farhana. But it pisses me off seeing people leaving Ericsson. Most of them worked for more than a decade. Today they come to different teams to say goodbye and people are getting emotional. They can't help it. What they can do? They have been working together for a long time.

shasnayen said...

Thanks God for keeping u safe.
Best of Luck.

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